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Cunard Liverpool Shipping

Shipping Poster

Liverpool Shipping Week
Loners open to view (Canadian Pacific ˞ Cunard ˞ White Star) River Cruises ˞ Pageantry ˞ Shipping Exhibition

26 x 40.5 inches

An evocative advertising poster from the 1930s when Liverpool was firmly established as one of the most important ports in the western world. The docks of Liverpool were crucial for trade from the Victorian era onwards and were the main emigration point for thousands of people leaving the British Isles for a better life in the Americas. Cunard were established in Liverpool from the 1840s and by 1877 they had a fleet of 46 ships; 19 of which were involved in trans-Atlantic travel. The Shipping Week was a vehicle for conveying to the world Liverpool's dominance as a global port and it would have been quite a spectacle to see so many ships on view.