Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Bowles Piazza Navona

Thomas Bowles after G. Cavelier

The Magnificent Buildings and Fountains of the Piazza Navona at Rome

24 x 19 inches

Etching in original hand colour; engraved by Thomas Bowles after the Italian artist, G. Cavalier, and published in London circa 1760.

By the middle of the C18th The Grand Tour, whereby upper class English men coming of age embarked upon a trip around Europe, was in full swing. One of the key destinations was Italy and once in Italy all roads led to Rome, the Eternal City. The sons of the nobility were often chaperoned on their tour. At best it was an opportunity to immerse oneself in antiquity, enrich oneself with exposure to other cultures and educate oneself in classical art, language and architecture. In practice it was often the chance to sow wild oats far from home, gamble, fornicate and imbibe the local wine. Whatever the intention there can be little doubt that upon arrival in Rome our travellers could not fail to be impressed with the grandeur of the city. Here we see many familiar landmarks around the Piazza Navona including the Fountain of Neptune, the Church of St. Agnes and the Prince Pantilius Palace.


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