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Daumont ParisDaumont ParisDaumont ParisDaumont Paris

Vues d'Optique published by Daumont

Four Views of Pre-Revolutionary Paris

La Porte St. Antoine entrant dans Paris
Le Pont au Change a Paris
La Porte St. Denis
Chateau Royal des Tuilleries a Paris

22.5 x 17 inches

A decorative group of 4 optical views of pre-Revolutionary Paris published by Daumont in Paris circa 1770.

Little did the populace of mid C18th Paris know what was around the corner when these delightful optical views were compiled in the 1770s. Within a few years the monarchy would be deposed and the city's streets would run with blood as revolutionary fervour swept across the country. England would look on appalled at what was taking place across the Channel and live in anticipation of invasion. For now, we get a glimpse of how French society carried on in the final days of the Ancien Régime.

set of 4
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