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Some of the rare and interesting items that we have had in stock



Kleiner: Natural History

Salomon Kleiner

[Natural History Studies]

A series of three copper plate engravings depicting flora and fauna in classical settings. Engraved by Probst, Friedrick and Thelott after the drawings of Salomon Kleiner and published in Augsburg in 1734.

West Giles Sheep

J. West Giles after T. S. Cooper

Our Flocks No. 2 Highland Sheep

A large-scale lithograph with original hand colour; drawn on stone by John West Giles after the painting by T. S. Cooper; published in London in 1851.

Turner Horner Yorkshire Rose

Charles Turner after G. Horner

The Yorkshire Rose
This Wonderful Animal was bred by the late John Ainsley Esq. of Otterington House near North Allerton, Yorkshire and fed by Medd Scarth Esq., Carlton, near Stokesley

Etching with additional aquatint and original hand colour; engraved by Charles Turner after Horner and published in Yorkshire, 1838.





Rowlandson Off She Goes

Thomas Rowlandson after George Moutard Woodward.

Off She Goes.

Etching with original hand colour, published in London by Thomas Tegg, c.1812.

Bunbury Morning Evening


1. Morning or the Man of Taste
2. Evening or the Man of Feeling

A pair of humorous stipple plate engravings printed in sepia ink. Drawn and engraved by William Bunbury and published in London by J. R. Smith in 1781.

Dighton: Town & Country Tooth Drawer

After Robert DIGHTON.

The Town Tooth Drawer. [&] The Country Tooth Drawer.

A pair of unusual provincial etchings, copied from Dighton's caricatures, published by William Davison in Alnwick, Northumberland, c.1815.

Tegg Dandies

Thomas TEGG

Dandies and Dandizettes Dressing for the Easter Ball

A charming etching in original hand colour, published by Thomas Tegg in Cheapside, London in 1819.

Darly: Signor Gruntinelli.

Matthew Darly

Signor Gruntinelli. Playing on a New Instrument (call'd a Swinetta.)

Etching with original hand colour, published by Matthew Darly, 1774.

Cruikshank: Napoleon


Snuffing Out Boney.

A hand coloured etching by George Cruikshank published in London by Thomas Tegg in 1814.

Rowlandson: Vauxhall

Robert POLLARD after Thomas Rowlandson.


Hand coloured copperplate engraving with aquatint. Late impression, published London, c.1810, with small repairs to margin.
Plate size 30 x 20 inches.

A presentable example of this scarce print

Burckardt: Gorilla



A magnificent life-sized lithograph of a gorilla with top hat by C. Burckardt and others, published in Weissenburg in the southern region of Alsace, circa 1880.


Decorative Prints

Peter Paul Rubens: Hunting Scenes - Wolf
Peter Paul Rubens: Hunting Scenes - Lions
Peter Paul Rubens: Hunting Scenes - Wild Boar
Peter Paul Rubens: Hunting Scenes - Hippopotamus and Crocodile
Peter Paul RUBENS


Wild Boar
Hippopotamus and Crocodile

A magnificent group of four copper plate engravings by Pieter Soutman and S. Bolswert after the paintings by Rubens and published in Antwerp circa 1640.

Northcote: Leopards

Samuel William REYNOLDS after James Northcote


A striking mezzotint engraving of two Leopards at play, engraved on copper by Samuel Reynolds after the painting by James Northcote and published in London in 1798.

Paton Cats Dogs

Frank Paton

Cats and Dogs

A charming pair of etchings by Frank Paton; published by E. E. Leggatt in New York in 1886.

Dawe: Oyster Woman

Philip Dawe after Henry Morland

The Oyster Woman

A black and white mezzotint engraving by Philip Dawe after the painting by Henry Moreland, published in London by Carrington Bowles in 1769.

Hamilton: homoerotica


Ithyphallic vase

Copper plate engravings in original colour from the second volume of William Hamilton’s “Collection of Etruscan, Greek and Roman Antiquities from the Cabinet of The Honble. W. Hamilton”, published in Naples in 1767.

Chinese Watercolour: Pageant


A Pageant

A group of nine Chinese watercolours depicting a colourful pageant, painted in southern China circa 1860.
20½ x 15½".


Chinese Watercolours

Exotic Birds

A group of six Chinese watercolours depicting birds in exotic settings, painted in southern China circa 1860. Image sizes 12½ x 8 inches.


Genre Scenes

Earlom: Royal Academy and Pantheon
Earlom: Royal Academy and Pantheon

Richard EARLOM after Charles Brandoin


A scarce pair of black and white mezzotint engravings, by Richard Earlom after the drawings of Charles Brandoin. These are fine, early impressions, published by Robert Sayer in London in 1772. The plates celebrate the opening of two of London's most famous C18th cultural venues.

Gaugain: Peasant Boy & Girl Returning from Milking
Gaugain: Return from Milking

Thomas GAUGAIN after Richard Westall



A charming pair of colour printed, stipple plate engravings by Thomas Gaugain after the paintings by Richard Westall, published in London circa 1790.




Fielding: Elephant and Castle

Theodore Fielding after James Pollard.

The Elephant and Castle on the Brighton Road.

A large aquatint in original hand colour; engraved by Theodore Fielding after the painting by James Pollard and published in London in 1826.

Boydell Thames


A group of 6 River Thames Views

1. A View of Blackwall looking towards Greenwich

2. A View of Woolwich

3. A View of The Royal Hospital at Chelsea

4. A View of Greenwich Hospital

5. A View of Westminster Bridge from Stangate Stairs

6. A View of Westminster Bridge

These charming scenes of the River Thames were engraved on copper plates and coloured by hand. They were published in both Paris and London between 1750 and 1760.

Pollard: Grosvenor Square

Robert Pollard and Robert Dodd after Edward Dayes

[Grosvenor Square] To the Right Honourable Earl Grosvenor &c This View of Grosvenor Square Is with the greatest respect inscribed by his Lordship's obedient & obliged servant Rob.t Pollard

An aquatint engraving by Robert Pollard with the aquatinting completed by Robert Dodd; after the painting by Edward Dayes, printed in sepia ink and published in London in 1789.

Pollard: Hanover Square

Robert Pollard and Francis Jukes after Edward Dayes

Hanover Square

To the RIGHT HONORABLE FRANCIS GODOLPHIN MARQUIS of CAERMARTHEN, BARON OSBORNE &c &c This VIEW of HANOVER SQUARE, from a DRAWING in his Possession, is with great respect inscribed by His Lordship's obedient & obliged Servants, Robert Pollard & Fras. Jukes. A charming aquatint printed in sepia ink, engraved by Pollard and Jukes after the drawings of Edward Dayes; published in London in 1787.

Stadler: London Bridge

Joseph Stadler after Joseph Farrington

View of London Bridge, Including the Church of St Magnus, and the Monument

Aquatint and etching in original printed colour, engraved by Joseph Stadler after the painting by Joseph Farrington and published in London in 1790.

Shepherd: Trafalgar Square

Thomas Shepherd


A hand coloured steel plate engraving by Alais after Thomas Shepherd, published in London in 1850.



Bowles Royal Dockyards

Carington Bowles

The Royal Dockyards

A magnificent and very scarce set of the six Royal Dockyards of Georgian England. Each plate has been engraved upon copper by Carrington Bowles after the paintings of John Cleveley and they were published in London in 1772.

Thomas Goldsworth Dutton: Kestrel

Thomas Goldsworth DUTTON after T.S.Robins

The Kestrel, R.Y.S.

Tinted lithograph with contemporary hand colour additions, lithographed by Dutton after a painting by Robins, published 20th October 1847 by Messrs Fores.

Thomas Goldsworth Dutton:  Dolphin

Thomas Goldsworth DUTTON after N.M.Condy

The Dolphin Yacht

Tinted lithograph with contemporary hand colour additions, lithographed by Dutton after a painting by Condy, published 19th May 1849 by Messrs Fores.




Wheatley: Gordon Riots

James HEATH after Francis WHEATLEY

The Riot in Broad Street on the Seventh of June 1780. To the Gentlemen of the London Light Horse Volunteers and Military Foot Association, This Memorial of their Patriotic Conduct is Inscribed by their Obliged Servants John and Josiah Boydell.

Engaving by Heath after Wheatley, published by John & Josiah Boydell, 1790.


Harris: The Life Guards

John HARRIS after Henry Martens

The Life Guards, Band Passing in Review

Aquatint in original colour, engraved by John Harris after the painting by Martens and published in London by William Tegg, 1865.



Overseas Views

Havell: Cairo

Daniel HAVELL after Henry Salt

View of Grand Cairo. [&] The Pyramids at Cairo.

A magnificent pair of aquatints depicting early C19th Cairo engraved by Daniel Havell after the drawings of Henry Salt and published in London by William Miller in 1809. Partially printed in colours and finished by hand. Additional etching performed by S. Rawle.



Frye: Gentleman

Thomas Frye

Young man with candle.

Mezzotint portraits by Thomas Frye published in London, 1760. (Chaloner Smith 11)

Frye: Young Lady

Thomas Frye

Young woman with fan.

Mezzotint portraits by Thomas Frye published in London, 1760. (Chaloner Smith 18)

Houbraken: Seba

Jacobus Houbraken after J. M. Quinkhard

Albertus Seba, Etzela Oostfrisius. Pharmacopoeus Amstelaedamensis.

A three quarter length portrait of Albertus Seba, etched onto a copper plate by Houbraken and published in Amsterdam in 1731.

Gainsborough David Garrick

Valentine Green after Thomas Gainsborough.

David Garrick Esq.r.

A mezzotint engraved by Valentine Green after the portrait by Thomas Gainsborough and published in London by Boydell in 1769.

Bretherton: Henry VI

James Bretherton after Orde


To the Provost, Vice-Provost, Fellows & Scholars of King's College in the University of Cambridge, this portrait of their Royal Founder engraved after a drawing taken from the original painting on glass in the magnificent Chapel of the College is humbly inscribed by their most obedient servant, J. Bretherton. A superb stipple plate engraving with additional etching, printed in bistre ink and copied from the stained glass window in the chapel of King's College Cambridge. Engraved by James Bretherton after the drawings of Mr. Orde and published in London circa 1795. Henry is depicted as a youthful king holding crown, sceptre and an open book. The print is very scarce in this large format and printed in such unusual ink.

Smith: Lady Catherine Pelham

J. R. Smith after Sir Joshua Reynolds

Lady Catherine Pelham Clinton

A charming, full-length mezzotint portrait by J. R. Smith after the painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds, published in London in 1782.


Valentine Green: Miss Harrison
Valentine GREEN after Kettle

Miss Harrison

Mezzotint portrait by Valentine Green after the portrait by Kettle and published in London circa 1770.



Sporting Prints

Sartorius Race Horses

Richard Houston after Francis Sartorius

A set of 6 Race Horses
1. This Excellent Horse MARQUIS, got by Godolphin (1770)
3. GIMCRACK (1768)
4. GOLDFINDER (1770)
5. ECLIPSE (1770)
6. The Portraiture of the Famous Horse CARDINAL PUFF got by Balram (1770)

A scarce group of six mezzotints, engraved on copper plates and finished in splendid original watercolour and gouache, published in London by Robert Sayer between 1768 and 1774.

Woollett / Stubbs: Shooting

William Woollett after George Stubbs

Shooting. Plate I [- IV]

A set of four copper plate engravings by William Woollett after the paintings by Sir George Stubbs RA; published in London by Thomas Bradford between 1769 and 1771.

Harris Racing

John HARRIS after George Tattersall

Goodwood The Race for the Goodwood Stakes 1846 [&] Doncaster The Race for the Great St. Leger 1846

A magnificent pair of hand coloured aquatints depicting two of the great race courses of Victorian England. Both are engraved by John Harris after the paintings of George Tattersall and were published by Rudolph Ackermann at his Sporting Gallery in Regent Street, London in 1846.

Fellows Horses

William Fellows after Samuel Jones

Pair of Rural Equestrian Scenes
1. Horses Watering
2. Horses Going to a Fair

A charming pair of aquatint and line engravings depicting horses in a rural landscape. These plates are engraved by William Fellows after the paintings by Samuel Jones and were published in London circa 1830.

Wolstenholme Hunting


A set of Four Fox Hunting Prints

1. Going Out

2. Drawing Cover

3. Full Cry

4. Returning

A scarce set of four aquatints in full original hand colour; engraved by Dean Wolstenholme after the paintings of his father, D. Wolstenholme Senior, and published in London circa 1840.

Hunt Pyall Gamekeepers

George and Charles Hunt and Henry Pyall after Samuel Jones

Gamekeepers Refreshing
Gamekeepers Returning

A charming pair of aquatint and line engravings depicting two gamekeepers in rustic surroundings. Engraved by the Hunt brothers and Henry Pyall after the paintings of Samuel Jones and published in London 1830.

Hunt Racing

Charles HUNT after A. P. de Prades

Racing Cracks

A magnificent hand coloured aquatint by Charles Hunt after the painting by A. P. de Prades and published in London in 1854 by J. Moore as part of his series Moore's British Sports.

Hunt Sportsman

George and Charles Hunt after E. F.Lambert

The Sportsman Preparing

An aquatint and line engraving in original colour; engraved by George and Charles Hunt after the painting by E. F. Lambert and published in London in 1829.

Lerpiniere Hunting

Daniel Lerpiniere after John Wootton

In the Hunting Hall at Houghton

A hand coloured etching by Daniel Lerpiniere after the painting by John Wootton; published in London in 1778.

Pollard Fishing pair

Richard Reeve after James Pollard

Fly-Fishing For Trout
Live-Bait Fishing For Jack

A scarce pair of aquatints in full original colour, engraved by Richard Gilson Reeve after James Pollard and published in London 1831-33.

Allen: Hawaii

Charles Allen.


A large, offset lithograph published in California circa 1965.

Harris: Irish Coaching

John Harris after M. A. Hayes

Car-Travelling in the South of Ireland in the Year 1836 ~ Bianconi's Establishment

An early set of aquatints in full original colour. Engraved by John Harris (1811-1865) after the paintings of M. A. Hayes and published in London by Ackermann in 1836.

Lipschitz: Hunting
Lipschitz: Hunting


Breaking Cover and The Death

A pair of very decorative lithographs in full original colour, published in London
by S. Lipschitz circa 1870.

Original maple frames and old glass.

Turner: Darley Arabian

J.R. MACKRELL after Francis Calcraft Turner

Darley Arabian, - Roxana

Aquatint with original hand colour by Mackrell after a painting by Turner, published 1842 by E. Gambart & Co.

Dickinson: The Lawn at Goodwood


The Lawn at Goodwood

Photrogravure, published by Dickinson, Publisher to H.M. Queen Victoria, in London in 1886. With contemporary exhibition frame.



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