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General Portraits
General Portraits
Decorative Portraits
Decorative Portraits
Houbraken Raleigh

Jacobus Houbraken.

Sir Walter Raleigh.

A head and shoulders portrait set within a decorative, architectural border; etched on copper by Houbraken and published in London in 1739.


Mcardell Reynolds Saunders

James McArdell after Sir Joshua Reynolds

Charles Saunders Esq. Vice Adm.l of the Blue
Squadron of His Majesty's Fleet & Lieut.t General of His Majesty's Marine Forces.

A three-quarter length mezzotint portrait engraved by McArdell after the portrait by Reynolds and published in London circa 1765.


Say Sharpe Health Wellington

William Say after M. W. Sharpe

Health! And Long Life to the King!

A three-quarter length portrait of Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington; engraved by Say after Sharpe and published in London in 1828.


Barnard Abbott Nelson

W. Barnard after Lemuel Francis Abbott

To the Right Hon.ble Lady Nelson, This Portrait of the Right Hon.ble Admiral Lord Nelson, K.B. Is with permission humbly Dedicated by her Ladyship's most obedient, grateful Servant W. Barnard.

A full-length mezzotint portrait of Admiral Horatio Nelson by Barnard after Abbott; published in London in 1799.


Chapman Singleton Campbell

John Chapman after Henry Singleton

To Mrs. Campbell, This engraving from a Picture in her possession of ROBERT CAMPBELL Esq.r LIEUTENANT COLONEL COMMANDANT of the Royal Greenwich Volunteers.

A full-length portrait etched on copper by John Chapman after the painting by Henry Singleton and published in London in 1810.


Fisher Reynolds Keppel

Edward Fisher after Sir Joshua Reynolds

The Honourable Augustus Keppel
Commander of His Majesty's Ship, The Torbay on the 20th November 1759.

A three-quarter length mezzotint portrait engraved by Edward Fisher after Reynolds; published in London in 1760.


Earlom Reynolds Eliott

Richard Earlom after Sir Joshua Reynolds

George Augustus Eliott, Lord Heathfield of Gibraltar

A three-quarter length portrait, stipple engraved by Earlom after Reynolds; published in London in 1788.


Dickinson Reynolds Manners

William Dickinson after Sir Joshua Reynolds

Lord Robert Manners

A full-length mezzotint portrait of Robert Manners; engraved by William Dickinson after the portrait by Joshua Reynolds and published in London in 1783.


Corbutt Howe

Charles Corbutt

The Right Hon.ble Richard Lord Howe. Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Fleets in America.

A half-length mezzotint portrait of Lord Howe drawn and engraved by Charles Corbutt, published in London by John Morris 1n 1777.


Smith Danloux Duncan

J. R. Smith after Danloux

Adam, Lord Duncan

A mezzotint engraving by J. R. Smith after the painting by Danloux, published in London circa 1800.


Maurin Raglan

Antoine Maurin

Lord Raglan (Fitzroy Somerset) Commandant en chief de l'Armee Anglaise en Orient

A half-length lithographic portrait by the French lithographer, Antoine Maurin; published in Paris and New York circa 1855.


Evans Hill

William Evans

Lieu.t General Lord Hill KB

Etchings with original hand colour; published in London in 1815.

Evans Wellington

William Evans

The Duke of Wellington

Etching with original hand colour; published in London in 1815.


Hopper Earl of Moira

John Young after John Hoppner

Right Hon.ble The Earl of Moira
Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Forces in North Britain &c &c &c. From an original picture in the possession of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales

A full-length mezzotint portrait by John Young after Hoppner's portrait; published in London in 1805.


Ward Hoppner Duncan

James Ward after John Hoppner

The Right Hon.ble Adam Duncan
Viscount Duncan of Camperdown and Baron Duncan of Lundie in the shire of Forfar; Admiral of the Blue Squadron and Knight of the Russian Imperial Order of St. Alexander Nevsky

An imposing full-length, mezzotint portrait of Admiral Duncan; engraved by James Ward after the portrait by John Hoppner and published in London Boydell in 1798.


Jenkins Duke of York


His Royal Highness, The Duke of York
Commander in Chief of the British Army

A hand coloured stipple and etched engraving of HRH The Duke of York, published in London in 1816.


Corbutt: Clive of India

C. Corbutt (Richard Purcell) after Gainsborough.

Robert, Lord Clive, Baron of Plassey. Major General in the EAST INDIES, Governor of Bengal and Commander in Chief of the East India Company's Forces.

A half-length mezzotint portrait of Clive of India by C. Corbutt after Gainsborough's painting, published in London by John Bowles circa 1750.



Wagstaff: Portrait of the Duke of Wellington Charles Edward WAGSTAFF after Henry William PICKERSGILL

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington

A mezzotint portrait by Wagstaff after Pickersgill, published London 1841.


Greatbach: Duke of Wellington

William GREATBACH after William SALTER.

Field Marshall Arthur Duke of Wellington, K.G.

Etching by Greatbach after Salter, published 1843.


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Say Beechey Porchester

William Say after Sir William Beechey

The Right Hon.ble Lord Porchester

Half-length mezzotint by William Say, Engraver to the Duke of Gloucester, after the portrait by Sir William Beechey; published in London in 1811.


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