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Alken Dogs

John Clark after Henry Alken

Hunting Dogs

1 Stag Hounds
2 Terriers
3 Pointers
4 Water Spaniels
5 Setters
6 Spaniels

A group of six aquatint engravings with original hand colour, engraved by John Clark after the drawings of Henry Alken (1785-1851) and published in London by Thomas McLean in 1821.

Set of 6
O'Brien Flora Seasons

O'Brien for Haines & Sons

The Four Seasons

1 Spring
2 Summer
3 Autumn
4 Winter

A set of four hand coloured copper plate engravings done by O'Brian for Haines and Son and published in London in 1797.

Set of 4
Weinmann Fruits

Johannes Weinmann

Four Fruits

Four copper plate engravings published for Johannes Weinmann's famous botanical work, Phytanthoza Iconographia, in Germany between 1737 and 1745.

Set of four
Cruikshank Woodward Doctors

Isaac Cruikshank after George Moutard Woodward.

A Consultation of Doctors on the case of Sir Toby Bumper.

An etching in vibrant original colour, etched by Isaac Cruikshank after Woodward's drawing and published in London in 1807.


Rowlandson Backgammon

Thomas Rowlandson for Tegg's Caricatures

A Hitt at Backgammon.

A grotesque caricature (in exceptionally vibrant, original colour) etched by Thomas Rowlandson and published as part of Tegg's collection of Caricatures in London circa 1810.


Rowlandson Caricature Hypochondriac

Thomas Rowlandson after James Dunthorne.

The Hypochondriac .
The Mind distemper'd, say what potent charm,
Can Fancy's spectre, brooding rage disarm?
Physics prescriptive, art assails in vain,
The dreadful phantom floating cross the brain.

A rare and large-scale aquatint etched on copper by Thomas Rowlandson after the drawing by James Dunthorne and published in London in 1788.


Tempest Cries London

Pierce Tempest after Marcellus Lauron

Cries of London

1 Old Satten, old Taffety or Velvet
2 Buy my Dutch Biskets
3 Hott Bak'd Wardens Hott
4 Ripe Strawberryes
5 Buy my Dish of great Eeles
6 Sis pence a pound Fair Cherries

A group of six charming etchings by Pierce Tempest published in London in 1711.

Group of 6
Northcote Diligene Dissipation

Gaugain & Hellyer after James Northcote

Diligence and Dissipation

1. The Modest Girl and the Wanton, Fellow Servants in a Gentleman's House
2 Good Advice from an Old Servant to the young ones
3 The Wanton in her Bedchamber
4 The Modest Girl in her Bedchamber
5 The Wanton turn'd out of doors for Misconduct
6 The Modest Girl rejects the illicit addresses of her Master
7 The Wanton revelling with her Companions
8 The Good Girl receives the honest addresses of her Master
9 The Wanton dying in poverty and disease visited by the Modest Girl
10 The Good Girl married to her Master. The Wanton laid in her grave

A scarce set of ten, large scale stipple plate engravings with original watercolour, published in London between 1796 and 1797. The plates are engraved by Thomas Gaugain and Thomas Hellyer after the original paintings by James Northcote R.A.

Set 0f 10
Probst Custom House

Georg Balthasar Probst.

Customs House, the Tower of London and the Thames.

A charming etching in vibrant original colour, engraved by Probst and published in Augsburg circa 1770.


Rooker Canaletto London

Edward Rooker after Canaletto.

A West View of London with the Bridge taken from Somerset Gardens.

An etching in original hand colour, engraved by Edward Rooker after Canaletto and published in London in 1794.


Marchi Reynolds Goldsmith

Joseph Marchi after Sir Joshua Reynolds.

Dr. Goldsmith.

A half-length mezzotint portrait by Joseph Marchi (1735-1808) after the portrait by Joshua Reynolds, published in London in 1770.


Pether Rubens Helena

William Pether after Peter Paul Rubens.

Helena Forman, wife of Rubens.

A half-length mezzotint, scratched-letter proof before title, engraved by William Pether after Rubens, published in London in 1769.


Ward Hoppner Heathcote

James Ward after John Hoppner.

Lady Heathcote.

Full-length mezzotint portrait by James Ward after the painting by Hoppner, published in London in 1804.


Watson Reynolds Carlisle

James Watson after Sir Joshua Reynolds.

Caroline, Countess of Carlisle.

Three-quarter length mezzotint, scrached-letter proof before title,engraved by James Watson after Reynolds and published in London in 1773.


Alken Fox Hunting

Thomas Sutherland after Henry Alken.

Fox Hunting

1 The Meet
2 Breaking Cover
3 Full Cry
4 The Deat

A set of four aquatints in original hand colour, engraved on copper by Thomas Sutherland after the paintings by Henry Alken and published in London in 1824.

Set of 4
Alken Yellowham Hunting

Henry Alken & Richard Reeve after W. P Hodges

Yellowham Wood, County of Dorset

A scarce, hand coloured aquatint engraved by Henry Alken and Richard Reeve after the painting by W. Hodges and published in London in 1834.


Ancellin Racing

Charles Ancelin

A Pair of Racing prints

A pair of pochoir prints by Charles Ancelin published in Paris by Galerie Lutetia, circa 1920.

Crombie Cricket

Charles Crombie

The Laws of Cricket

1 How to place men in the field
2 Six balls have been bowled
3 The Fieldsman
4 Instructions to Umpires
5 The bowler and the batsman
6 Caught
7 Wicket keeper
8 Lost ball

A group of eight chromolithographs, drawn by Charles Crombie and published in London by Perrier in 1905.

Group of 8
Hunt Coaching

Charles Hunt

The Birth Day Team.

An aquatint in good original colour, drawn and engraved by Charles Hunt and published in London in 1838.


Hunt Pollard Fishing

George Hunt after James Pollard

Fly Fishing. [&] Trolling for Pike.

A fine pair of hand-coloured aquatints by George Hunt after James Pollard, published in London in 1831.

Hunt Habbertoft Cow

Charles Hunt after B. Hubbard.

The Habertoft Short Horned Prize Cow
Bred and fed by Mr. Richd. Wright of Habertoft near Spilsbury.

An aquatint in original colour, engraved by Charles Hunt after Bennett Hubbard and published in London by Messers Fores, 1842.


Stubbs Lincolnshire Ox

George Townley Stubbs after Sir George Stubbs.

To S.r Joseph Banks Bar.t President of the Royal Society, This print of the Lincolnshire Ox is humbly dedicated by his obed.t & serv.t J.n Gibbons.

An etching with stipple engraving by George Townley Stubbs after the painting by his uncle, George Stubbs, published in London in 1791.


Bowles Droll September

Carington Bowles.


A mezzotint droll in original hand colour, published by Carington Bowles in London circa 1780.


Cruikshank Caricature Monstrosities

George Cruikshank.

Monstrosities of 1822.

A hand-coloured etching by George Cruikshank, published in London in 1822.


Heath Caricature Military

William Heath.

Military Dandies or Heroes of 1819.

An etching in vibrant original hand colour, engraved by William Heath and published by Le Petit in Dublin in 1819.


Knight Boyne Readings

Charles Knight after R. Boyne.

Comic Readings.
Tragic Readings.

A pair of colour printed stipple plate engravings by Charles Knight after the paintings by R. Boyne, published in London in 1791.

Laurie Mattocks

Robert Laurie after William Dighton.

Mrs. Mattocks.

A charming little mezzotint by Robert Laurie after William Dighton, published in London in 1780.


Watson Bunbury Billiards

Thomas Watson [&] William Dickinson after Henry Bunbury.


A stipple plate engraving printed in sepia ink, engraved by Watson and Dickinson after the drawing by Henry Bunbury and published in London in 1780.


Brock D'Oyly Carte Sorcerer

Henry Matthew Brock.

The Sorcerer.

A magnificently vibrant theatre poster produced for The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company in London in the 1920s.


Bonnefoy Children

F. Bonnefoy after W. Miller

Innocent Recreation.
Animal Affection.

An immaculate pair of colour printed etchings with additional stippling, engraved by Bonnefoy after W. Miller and published in London in 1800.

Smith Morland Genre

J. R. Smith after George Morland.

Peasant and Pigs. A Conversation.

A pair of mezzotints, engraved by J. R. Smith after the paintings by George Morland and published in London in 1803.

Thew Smirke Conjugal

Robert Thew after Robert Smirke.

Conjugal Affection.

A large-scale stipple plate engraving by Robert Thew after the painting by Robert Smirke, published in London in 1799.


Begbie Theatre Royal

Patrick Begbie after Robert Adam.

View of the New Front, towards Bridges Street, of the principal entry to the Theatre Roya Drury Lane.

A scarce etching by Patrick Begbie after the drawings of Robert Adam, published in London in 1766.


Daumont Vauxhall

Chez Daumont.

Vauxhall Gardens.

Etched on a copper plate, coloured by hand and published in Paris at the house of Daumont, circa 1760.


Reeve Holbein Great Harry

Richard Reeve [&] Robert Cruikshank after Hans Holbein.

This print from a drawing of the Great Harry in the possession of Her Royal Highness Princess Victoria by R. Cruikshank…

A large-scale, hand coloured aquatint by Richard Reeve and Robert Cruikshank after the painting by Hans Holbein, published in London in 1834.


Turner Reinagle Mundy

Charles Turner after Philip Reinagle.

Francis Noel Clarke Mundy Esq and his Grandson, William Mundy of Markeaton near Derby.

A group portrait executed in mezzotint, engraved by Charles Turner after the painting by Philip Reinagle and published in London in 1810.


Green Hoppner Chatham

Valentine Green after John Hoppner.

John, Earl Chatham K.G.
Lord President of the Council &c &c &c.

A half-length mezzotint portrait by Valentine Green after John Hoppner RA, published in London in 1799.


Smith Danloux Duncan

J. R. Smith after H. P. Danloux.

The Right Hon.ble Admiral Lord Viscount Duncan when Victorious at Camperdown.

Mezzotint, printed in colours and hand finished, by J. R. Smith after the painting by Danloux, published in London circa 1800.


Hassell Reinagle Fishing

John Hassell & William Nicholls after Philip Reinagle.


A scarce proof, an aquatint by John Hassell and William Nicholls after the painting by Philip Reinagle: published in London, 1814.


Helme Grouse Shooting

T. Helme.

Grouse Shooting.

An aquatint in original hand colour published by T. Helme in London circa 1870.


Hunt Pollard Carriage Hyde Park

John Harris after James Pollard

The Four-in-Hand Club. Hyde Park

A large-scale aquatint engraved by John Harris after the painting by James Pollard and published in London in 1838.


Picken Rowing Thames

Thomas Picken & George Winter after Martin.

The Pride of the River.

A most unusual and scarce lithograph in original hand colour, lithographed by Picken and Winter after the drawing by Martin and published in London circa 1860.


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